Enabling Twilio dialing from mobile phones...

twiDial is a simple to use dialer interface for Twilio that enables outbound Twilio calling through a bridged call to your iOS or Android phone.

twiDial was built for the purpose of dialing outbound calls through any owned Twilio number or verified outgoing caller ID - (outgoing caller ID does not have to be Twilio number). What this means is that if you would like to place a phone call from your cell phone masking the outgoing number to be another number (office, home, remote office, etc) this is the perfect solution for you.

This app is for those who need to interact with customers or clients from behind their primary office number to maintain privacy and protect their time.

Perfect for...

- On call doctors
- Legal counsel
- After hours support team members
- School administrators
- Place of worship staff
- Small businesses with offices in multiple cities or countries
- Anyone looking to dial from their cell phone using a different caller ID
- Anyone needing reasonable per min calls to multiple countries using location specific caller ID

The application is simply an interface to the services provided by Twilio.com. Any recurring use fees will be paid directly to Twilio. This application is an extension of the awesome features provided by the team at Twilio.com.

To use this app you will need...

1. A Twilio.com account properly configured for charges.
- Will not work with demo account.
2. A Twilio.com telephone number or phone numbers.
3. Access to your Twilio AuthID and Token.

Optionally you will need to verify your desired outgoing caller ID numbers you wish to call from (ex. Home, Office, etc)

For information on recurring costs please visit Twilio.com for a better understanding.